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A Leader in Business

Jean Claude Chalhoub ( was specially selected by his father to be of assistance with directing the business after he proved his value as a member of staff. His movement to his new position was nicely timed; it enabled him to get started with a currently internationally recognised company. His skills and versatility gave Jean Claude Chalhoub the greatest odds of being chosen for a managerial role. His powerful leading capabilities and increasing industry growth are useful for the future of the company.

Jean Claude Chalhoub: His Early Years

Members of his family made sure he was showered with attention. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s country of birth and his family had a massive effect on him during his formative years. Jean Claude Chalhoub was born to a business household residing in Egypt.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Hobbies

Horse racing is one more of Jean Claude Chalhoub's hobbies. To such an extent that, to further enjoy his passion, he acquired a horse, which takes part in events worldwide. Horse racing, ocean sailing and exploring the world can be listed as just a few among his multiple pastimes and non-professional pursuits. The wonders of the world amaze him. In order to see them for himself, he often journeys overseas. Jean Claude Chalhoub is a bit of a wine lover who additionally has a love of antiques; he enjoys collecting both.

Joining the Family Business

Working his way up in the company has given him the expertise and experience needed to achieve outstanding successes. After finishing his learning in France, Jean Claude Chalhoub joined his family’s organisation. The fantastic results acquired in his working life are due to the priceless knowledge gathered in the early stages of his career.